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Welcome to the Community Nursery School. At Community Nursery School we offer developmentally appropriate curriculums for young children in all areas of a child’s development: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. We have a caring, qualified staff trained and experienced for work with young children – who are always ready to learn more. We take pride in our separation policy which gives both parents and children a chance to get to know us and feel comfortable being here.

We have a great outdoor play area where young children are free to explore and expand their physical development and growth. They can climb, run, swing, and whet their curiosity about nature. Plus we also have an indoor play area, for those rainy, cold days. This is a place where no one uses an inside voice. It is equipped with a large sandbox and an indoor gym with slides, tunnels, steering wheels, etc. for those young muscles and physical needs that don’t subside with bad weather.

Community Nursery School is a place to be a part of a group, to play, learn, participate, and share as a member of a group, the essence of living in society. Whether we’re cooking, painting, dressing-up, building, or swinging, socializing is always taking place. We work hand in hand with our parent committee to establish policies for the nursery school as well as plan social events for our families. This includes our Halloween Hoot, a Winter Party, a Family Picnic and Carnival, and parent parties.