Area of Development

Emotional Development
Our teachers aid in the development of self-control in children by using positive guidance techniques such as modeling and encouraging expected behavior, redirecting children to a more acceptable activity and setting clear limits. The teachers’ expectations match and respect the children’s developing capabilities. There is more on this topic under Classroom Management.

Physical Development
Outdoor activity is planned daily so that the children can use their large muscle skills by riding, running, climbing on our exceptional fine play area, learn about an outdoor environment and express themselves freely and loudly. We also have a large indoor playroom if bad weather keeps us inside. Small muscles skills are developed daily through play activities such as puzzles, pegboards, cutting, painting, playdough , clay and other manipulation activities.

Cognitive Development
Learning about math, science, social studies, health, and other content areas is all integrated through meaningful activities such as those when children build with blocks, measure sand and water or ingredients in cooking, observe changes in the environment, work with wood and tools, sort objects for a purpose, explore animals, plants, water, wheels, sing and listen to music and draw, paint and work with all types of modeling materials that they make themselves.

Language Development
We provide children with many opportunities to see how reading and writing are useful before they are instructed in letter names, sounds, etc. at the kindergarten level. Language and literacy are developed through listening to and reading stories and poems, participating in dramatic play and other experiences requiring communication, talking informally with other children and adults, seeing print in use in the classroom and experimenting with writing, drawing and copying.