Parents and children have a special relationship. At times, children will tell you things about themselves or their experiences at school that they have been unable or unwilling to discuss with us. If your child shares information with you that you feel could help us to be more effective, please share that information with us. If you have concerns, needs or suggestions please call your child’s teacher or the director at school or at home. Please keep in touch with your child’s teacher by phone or note or e-mail about events in your child’s daily life – a parent’s trip, a family illness, a special vacation, etc..

A successful nursery school experience is based on the partnership of home and school.

The teachers’ phone numbers (and e-mail addresses) will be available on the class list and we encourage you to call if you just need to check in or discuss something of concern to you. In most instances we prefer not to discuss your child in front of him. If necessary the teacher will get coverage after children have arrived and discuss your concerns in the office or elsewhere if a phone call just won’t work. Discussions in front of your child are usually not productive and can cause embarrassment or anxiety for the child, so wait until you have a moment to call or arrange a time to speak with her in person away from the class. Please feel free to contact her at any time. Regular communication in person, by phone, e-mail, or by letter between you and your child’s teacher is vital in building mutual understanding.

The teachers write weekly newsletters about events in the classroom. These newsletters are intended to keep you informed and involved in your child’s classroom activities. This information gives you a starting point for conversations and finding out what really peaked his interest. You can enhance and extend this interest in the curriculum in many ways. At home you can re-read the books we have read, sing the songs (Who doesn’t know “The Itsy Bitsy Spider?”), glue, cut, paint, make playdough, cook, explore the grocery’s vegetable section when we make soup, etc. Although we have curriculum planned there are many times when the children have another interest and we go there, so outlines of what our day may be much before it happens can not be reliable indicators of what the future will bring that week.

The director puts together a monthly newsletter filled with dates, local news and informative article on issues and topics for parents of pre-schoolers.
The office staff puts together a directory of all students and staff about 3 weeks into the school year. Because of reproduction costs and time only one directory per family will be distributed. Updates will be sent out as changes occur.