Application Process for 2023-24 School Year

Age Requirements:
• TWOS must turn 2 by the cutoff date of their school district’s kindergarten entrance (December 31st for Dobbs Ferry, Irvington and Ardsley; December 1st for Hastings on Hudson).
• THREES and FOURS must turn 3 or 4 by December 31st of the year enrolled.

Classes Offered


Choice of two, three or four morning classes
• Two Day: Monday and Tuesday 9:15am -11:30am
• Three Day: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:15am -11:30am
• Four Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:15am -11:30am Enrollment: 10 per class
Two Teachers


Choice of three, four or five morning classes
• Three Day: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00am – 11:45am
• Four Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am – 11:45am
• Five Day: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 11:45am
Enrollment: 12 per class
Two Teachers


5 mornings
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 11:45am
Enrollment: 16 per class
Two Teachers per class


Priority for available space in the nursery school is as follows for the 23-24 school year: *

  1. Currently enrolled children

  2. Siblings of previously and currently enrolled children

  3. CNS alumni & children of South Presbyterian Church members.

  4. The general public.

*A weighted ranking or lottery may be used if demand exceeds space.

2023/2024 Tuition Pricing​

AFTER the initial 10% of the Annual Tuition – plus a $100 enrollment fee – is paid with your contract, the following options for payment are as follows:

Option 1
1 Paymt*
Option 2
3 Paymts*
Option 3
2 day 2s$4630.00$4167.00$1389.00$463.00
3 day 2s$6370.00$5733.00$1911.00$637.00
4 day 2s$8500.00$7650.00$2550.00$850.00
3 day 3s$6370.00$5733.00$1911.00$637.00
4 day 3s$7170.00$6453.00$2151.00$717.00
5 day 3s$7960.00$7164.00$2388.00$796.00
5 day 4s$8240.00$7416.00$2472.00$824.00

There is a non-refundable application fee of $250, which is credited to $100 registration and tuition fees.

How to Apply:

If interested in applying, please call the CNS office at 914-693-9072 or email us at for more information and to schedule a tour.